PA-30 C/R Twin Comanche For Sale


Selling because I purchased 3 Cessna 310Qs from a charter company that I occasionally work for. I plan to refurbish and sell at least two of them, and use the remaining airframe to train Multi students once I get my MEI. The beat up 310 would be more appropriate for this than my fancy and plush Twin Comanche. I am a very experienced aircraft owner and professional pilot.

If they all sell before the PA30, I’ll keep her. She’s been a fantastic bird and is my second Twin Comanche. The new avionics allow for hard IMC flying with excellent situational awareness.

Per the previous owner, the aircraft is wired for the new Garmin Autopilot to be installed once Garmin receives FAA approval for PA30 installation. I have not researched this option as I don’t want need an autopilot. I’ve flown several 1500+NM trips and she trims great and flies very straight.