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I’m reluctantly placing my Hidden Mountain X1 harness up for sale. I’ve been working to much to use it, and what little time off I have I’ve spent towing. So here it is:
An excerpt from wind drifter for those unfamiliar with the X1:

X1 by Hidden Mountain

This was a relatively recent entry to the flphg world. Dave Little and Ken Osage were thinking “outside the box” and developed a powered harness from scratch, with a different power (Vittorazi) plant and other modifications. It demonstrated significant improvements in power and climb performance, and was the only unit to be made in the USA. It also brought flphg capabilities to pilots living at higher altitudes than was possible with the Radne powerplant.

Only a few units were made, and seldom remain on the market for long if one becomes available.
Mine is quite nice, even when compared to other X1s. Electric start, battery cutoff, and a super cool automatic leaning computer device that analyzes EGTs in real time and adjust mixture accordingly for max power. Also has a super cool folding carbon fiber Bolly prop. Also has a reserve in the harness, though I’m unsure of the brand or size. Basically the ultimate powered harness, especially for high altitude ops. The previous owner lived and flew it in Kamas, UT at 6500′ MSL.
It’s been flying under my North Wing Freedom 170. Has magnetic removable keel and nice wheels on the bar. I love this glider and would be happy to keep it if you’ve already got a suitable wing. If you need a wing, I can sell you this one and buy a new Freedom to keep flying.
I’m asking $5500 for the harness, and an extra $1500 for the wing.  I think that’s a bargain, but am open to reason if the market doesn’t support that price.
If you’re interested, contact me at (505)801-9648 or justin@southwest.aero

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