1964 PA-30 Twin Comanche for sale

Selling my PA30, as a change in careers makes it unjustifiable to keep it. I’ve been using this airplane to commute to work and travel. It’s been flown weekly, and well maintained.


TTAF – 5729

Left Engine – 1600 SMOH, Overhauled in 1996 by Clydesdale Inc. 254 hours since teardown for camshaft replacement which included new main bearings, etc.  30 hrs since Mags overhauled.  Compressions are 77, 72, 78, 77. Within the last year, installed new Sky-tec lightweight starter, mag overhaul, and Hartzell alternator conversion. Flow matched GAMI injectors. Oil analysis available. All ADs complied with.

Right Engine – 1072 SMOH, Overhauled in 2005 by River City Engines.Flow matched GAMI injectors. Compressions are 79, 75, 78, 77. Within the last year, installed new Sky-tec lightweight starter, mag overhaul, and Hartzell alternator conversion.  Oil analysis available. All ADs complied with.

Airframe – Recent extensive landing gear rebuild including bushings, bearings, hardware, etc. A well maintained airframe it’s entire life with no damage history. All airframe ADs are complied with, with very few recurring ADs (100hr fuel bowls, aileron nose rib inspections, and LG bungees). Paint is a 5/10 and looks fine from 10-20′ but won’t win any shows. No corrosion. Has lived in the southwest for most of it’s life. Several improvements and desirable STCs including, but not limited to: Bogert copper cables and battery box, Brackett Air filters, Horizon p1000 tachs, Alternator conversion, knots2U aileron, flap, flap to fuselage, and rudder gap seals. Knots2u wing root fairings, dorsal fin, and engine nacelle fairings. GAMI matched fuel injectors, Concorde RG35AXC battery, Micro Aerodynamics Vortex generators, etc. No tip tanks to deal with, and the 90 gallons of fuel will last longer than my bladder.


Avionics – A basic “steam gauge” panel that’s fully functional and IFR certified. Recent install of an RC allen Attitude indicator with flags. GPS – King KLN89B NAV/COMS – Narco MK 12d (one with brand new display) Both CDIs have been recently calibrated on both VOR and ILS glideslope / localizer. Transponder is Narco Mode C. Airspeed Indicator is recently overhauled and reads TAS. Tachs are the horizon P-1000 digital. Stormscope is useful and functions very well. No squawks on the panel. Also installed is a Goodrich Stormscope that functions perfectly.


In short, this airplane is ready to provide years of economical performance to a new owner. Performance wise, it’s impossible to beat for the price. I plan for 160 knots TAS at econ cruise settings of 2300 rpm / 21″ MP and burn 15-16 GPH average. That’s better than an A-36 bonanza, with the added safety of two engines. Climb performance is excellent, even heavily loaded. It will maintain 11,500′ on one engine. I’ve operated this airplane in all weather and its very solid, reliable, and capable.


May be interested in trades down for something cheap and fun to fly. Please call me at (505)801-9648 if you have any questions, or would like to come take her for a spin.